Monday, March 14, 2011

Correction about LDS Counseling Services for the Deaf

We previously posted that counseling services for LDS Deaf members were available through videophone. Because of recent changes regarding counseling via videophone, LDS Family Services no longer offers this service. Likewise, counselors/therapists are not licensed to provide counseling or therapy across state lines if they are not licensed in those states.

A therapist licensed in California cannot provide counseling to a person in New York through videophone, for example, because the counselor is not licensed in New York.

Please contact counselors who you trust in your area to help with these needs.


ASCDEAF said...

ASC ( can provide counseling via videophone. Our therapists are licensed in different states. Please feel free to contact us. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wish to clarify the message posted on March 14, 2011. The information is not correct. Counseling through videophone is permissible and allowed across state lines--there is no legal barrier to this. I worked as a Deaf therapist with LDS Family Services for two years. But they (LDSFS) decided to terminate videophone counseling because they did not want the liability related to licensure in case a lawsuit occurred. However, they will still receive and send referrals to Deaf LDS counselors. If you have questions or concerns please contact me at:

It is important that people are aware LDS counseling can be available to them through the videophone.

Brother Houck