Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sign Language Materials Help Deaf Community Come to Christ

This article published in the Church in the News section of, explains how materials are prepared, translated, interpreted, and produced for Deaf members of the Church.

Some Deaf people read English just fine. Some prefer to have materials in their native language, just like speakers of any other language,” said Joseph Featherstone of the Church Translation Department, who is Deaf. “Having these products in ASL allows Deaf people more access to the gospel and more access to feeling the Spirit.

“The Book of Mormon translation into ASL has made a huge impact on the Deaf community in terms of being able to learn and have access to the gospel,” Brother Featherstone continued. “When I read the Book of Mormon in English, I read it and understand it, but when I see it expressed in ASL, it does something different. It is completely personal to me, and it touches me.